Cameron Devine


Course description

This course introduces students to Dynamics with a specific emphasis on the dynamics and kinematics of rigid bodies.

General information

Cameron Devine Ph.D.
[email protected]
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10:20 am - Noon
Lecture Notes



The following schedule is tentative.

day topic reading assignment
5/13 Systems of Particles and
Translation and Rotation of Rigid Bodies
5/15 Plane Motion 15.1 1
5/20 Instantaneous Center of Rotation 15.2  
5/22 Plane Acceleration 15.3 2
5/27 Kinetics of a Rigid Body 15.4  
5/29 Constrained Plane Motion 16.1  
5/30 Vibrations of Rigid Bodies 16.2 3


Assignment 1

  • Turn in: 15.20.
  • Do problems: 14.17 and 15.14.
  • Take the weekly homework quiz on moodle.
  • Solution pwd: 2kKyNNomAG0.

Assignment 2

  • Turn in: 15.92.
  • Do problems: 15.46 and 15.93.
  • Take the weekly homework quiz on moodle.
  • Solution pwd: h5TE7hwTVV6L.

Assignment 3

  • Turn in 11.37.
  • Do problems: 11.88 and 11.148.
  • Take the weekly homework quiz on moodle.
  • Solution pwd: brFjS4SdQ4Pm5vI.

Assignment policies

Weekly homework will be due on Sundays at midnight. Each assignment will consist of two parts. One part is a single question which you will turn in for grading. Each week you will also take an online quiz. The answers to the quiz questions will be the solutions to the rest of the assigned questions. You will have three chances to complete the quiz and will receive the average of your three scores.

Your single questions submissions and quizzes will be weighted equally. The lowest quiz score will be dropped.

Working in groups on homework is strongly encouraged, but the work you submit must be your own.

AI Large Language Model Policies

As assignments in this course are used to measure your knowledge of the course material, it is important that all work is your own. Therefore, using text generated by large language models such as Chat GPT and others in the work you turn in is not allowed. To ensure these policies are followed, tools for checking if content is AI generated may be used.

Attendance policy

See Dr. Zhai’s policy on attendance.